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Dateline: Thu 22 Apr 2010

At a dinner party in the Meridian-Kessler area a few weeks ago, a very Republican/conservative guest told a story on embattled but hanging-tough Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, also a GOP stalwart.

An acquaintance of hers, who is a neighbor of Carl's at his Washington Township residence, received a phone call one morning a while back.

"Hi, this is Carl," said the man, who lives across the way from the friend's acquaintance. "You will see a boat parked in your driveway this morning. It's mine. I was too drunk last night to park it at my house. Sorry about that."

This is the sort of anecdote, making the rounds, that is death for the prosecutor -- but not as lethal as the call in today's Star from former Prosecutor Scott Newman for Brizzi to resign. The fact that the very ethical Newman was once Brizzi's mentor carries no weight with Brizzi. He has dismissed the advice as political posturing. (Newman is working for the election of Mark Massa to the office).

Brizzi observed in one newspaper interview that he doesn't need the political drama and the imposition that comes with it, that he has other ways to make a living. While it is a serious matter to take away anyone's livihood and pension, it is really good thta Brizzi knows he has other options -- because he really does need to step down and find another job.

His office is a shambles and his service has become a joke. That's obvious many factors, including the story told, over wine, by people who were at one time his staunch supporters.


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

OK let's take a step back here:

Carl Brizzi was never a strong thinker. He described himself as a back-bencher in law school (at Valpo, I think...not exactly a top-tier law school).

He's been a partier from day one. Camera hog. Compelte with makeup.

The error here was to put a shallow man like that in such a position of power in the first place. Within his first term's six months, he was a dismal failure. And once there, ala Dan Burton, the GOP was loathe to take him out. God forbid they should ever admit an error.

His behavior is no surprise to anyone who tried mildly to pay attention.

For some reason, in the past, each party often takes whacks at this office in a PR manner, instead of a competence mode. My party's 2006 candidate, Melina Kennedy, will probably make a fine mayor, but she had zippo prosecutorial experience. Mayor Peterson wanted her, so at 2006 Demo slating, a qualified potential candidate was swept aside for Melina. She lost, narrowly, in the fall.

This year, each party has a stellar candidate slated. So taxpayers win.

For the life of me I do not understand why anyone wants the thankless job. A prosecutor almost never gets victories that stick in folks' minds...only the negative hangs around.

But each party thinks the Marion County prosecutor has exclusive domain over Statehouse nonsense.

Which would surprise the FBI.

Grandad TTT once said: when in the voting booth, if in doubt, pick brains and competence.

This year, we'll get it. Too often in the past, we don't get both, and settle for one or half of one.

Carl will be Carl. He probably thought that driveway was a Geist boat ramp. Ask any cocktail waitress in a number of establishments downtown. His behavior is old news.

Sad news, though. Nobody likes to see a guy stumble like this in such a public manner. He has an ex-wife and young kids to consider.

It was largely self-inflicted. And a willing county GOP leadership was the co-enabler. Again.

2010-04-22 08:51:26

Gary Welsh [unverified] said:

Ruth, These drunken stories about Brizzi abound. There's one where he supposedly drove a Viper owned by Tim Durham while he was drunk and crashed it and had a friend take the blame to avoid being arrested. There's another one that has him crashing a golf cart at a golf course and injuring one of his deputy prosecutors. He's become quite the embarrassment.

2010-04-22 12:40:15

varangianguard [unverified] said:

"Grandad TTT". Classic.


We're not so teflon on our side of the political fence, TTT. I could (but won't) drop a name that should (probably doesn't, but it should) make every Democrat in Marion County cringe.

2010-04-22 13:30:22

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Oh I agree, Varan. I could drop a few, too. One sitting on the Superior Court bench right now with a DUI.

Neither party owns the stupid PR trophy. Or better stated, both own it.

But Carl, well...his position is obviously so important, and his antics were well-known before he ran, and early in his first term. Why is anyone surprised?

Grandad had a zillion of 'em. He never knew Rex Early, but I think they might have been separated at birth, along with Abe Martin.

"It's a mighty think pancake that don't have two sides."

"That skunk is lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut."

"He's slicker than pup snot on a glass doorknob."

2010-04-22 14:09:02

hendy [Member] said:

It's a black mark on the community, the whole stinking mess. The top prosecutor should be clean as a whistle. He may get jail time...

2010-04-22 14:21:16

Climber [unverified] said:

Truth: I agree with all you posted, but for this inaccuracy: Valparaiso is, in fact and by any objective judgment, a "top-tier law school." Other than that, your comments about one of its least illustrious graduates are completely correct.

2010-04-28 20:17:12

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