Thanks, but I'll have the Rude Waiter swill

Dateline: Fri 04 Sep 2009

A week ago today, a prominent federal judge in Indianapolis took his staff out for a drink, after work, in honor of a departing law clerk. (The judge requests and is granted anonymity, for the sake of decorum).

The group decided to go to Scotty's Brewhouse Downtown. There, the judge said a few kind words about the departing worker. A waiter approached, interrupting the judicious farewell. "Does anyone want to order drinks?" the waiter inquired.

The judge asked him -- kindly -- to please return in a few. The persistent waiter said he just wanted to take drink orders. Again, he was asked, politely, to return.

The judge finished his comments, and the waiter returned, going around the table, taking orders. When he came to the judge, he asked, "And I suppose you want the Arrogant Bastard beer?"

The judge was rather shocked by the question -- but he did note that he was picking up the tab. He also made it clear  that the tip for the waiter would be justly made.

It wasn't much. Probably not even enough for an arrogant beer.


(p.s., thanks to the intrepid reader/correspondent who passed this along).






Not Suprised [unverified] said:

Wow. I wish I could say I was surprised, but unfortunately, Scotty's has turned out to be a disappointment. I work downtown very near Scotty's and was glad to hear it would be nearby. However, of the times I've been there, a majority have left me wishing for better and faster service. When they first opened, I cut them some slack-- they were new, afterall. When the outside dining first opened, I cut them some slack-- they were trying to figure out the outside dining thing. By the time I had to wait for 30 minutes to get a drink a couple of hours before the Billy Joel & Elton John concert, I decided to never set foot in the place again (unless there was a compelling reason to do so, i.e. majority rule in a group I'm meeting).

But this incident takes the cake. And it doesn't matter that it was a prominent federal judge and his staff who were treated badly. Clearly even the most basic of courtesies elude this server.

2009-09-04 14:39:55

DwightSchrute [Member] said:

All the journalists need to remember to do their homework. Arrogant Bastard Ale is made by the Stone Brewing Co. out of Escondido, CA. You can take the J-O-B out from under the copy editor, but you can't take the copy editor away.

2009-09-04 21:43:34

ruthholl [Member] said:

I'll drink to that.
Seriously, I checked Scotty's Brewhouse spelling etc. But it never crossed my ancient head that we might now have an Arrogant Bastard brew on the market.
What a great country.
Who is going to tell the judge? And will somebody please take up a collection for that poor helpful waiter?
This blog aims to see justice served, no matter who the arrogant bastard is.

2009-09-04 22:00:38

ruthholl [Member] said:

p.s., thanks DwightSchrute.

2009-09-04 22:04:24

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

The waiter was being smarmy despite the beer being real. No tip for him, no apology from de judge.

2009-09-05 06:53:38

John Howard [unverified] said:

The judge's error was not immediately picking up his group and heading to one of the numerous other venues within walking distance.

No tip for the waiter? BFD for the proprietor. Large group gets up and walks out? THAT sends a message.

2009-09-05 08:50:22

ruthholl [Member] said:

I wonder if this isn't part of a larger "trend" or fad or whatever where waiters deliberately insult patrons? That was the case at a couple restaurants in Chicago which were aimed at drawing young adults...Ed Dubevic's restaurant and another place near Navy Pier. The waiters were as rude as they could be, and it worked. People PAID to be insulted; part of the schtick.
Maybe the guy just thought he was cute giving attitude.
Obviously, it backfired tip-wise.

2009-09-05 17:35:15

indykjsharp [Member] said:

I had lunch w/a girlfriend at a restaurant that shall remain nameless except that it's on the far East end of Mass Ave. The waitress took our order and 40 min. later it was apparent to us she had forgotten it. When we informed her we were on our lunch break, she said, "Well, would you like me to call your mothers?" We were shocked, wrote a letter to the owner and complained, and got nothing, not even free dessert. Last time I've frequented that establishment.

2009-09-06 22:48:40

Johnny [unverified] said:

Its sad to see that terrible service isn't limited to Scotty's 96th Street location.

2009-09-07 08:46:00

indykjsharp [Member] said:

What's worse, servers "profile" customers and give service accordingly (I have it from a reliable source). Female server, middle-aged to older man in group: great tipper. Blacks and middle-aged females: not so much.

2009-09-07 08:57:17

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

"What's worse, servers "profile" customers and give service accordingly (I have it from a reliable source). Female server, middle-aged to older man in group: great tipper. Blacks and middle-aged females: not so much."

What's "worse" about identifying categories of bad tippers? I'd knock myself out for a profiled "good" tipper, less so for a bad one. Which is what the latter should expect.

2009-09-08 10:51:14

kaballah38 [Member] said:

If you want a good service....

Ruth's Chris (Northside) is the only place in Indianapolis. PERIOD.

2009-09-08 18:14:16

boomer [unverified] said:

Hate to pile on Scotty's since it's a local place - and very cool - but the service is slow. Took a long time to receive our $6.99 lunch specials. Most places turn lunch quickly - thought that was the reason for the lunch specials. Anyway, it's not my first choice anymore. Which is too bad. And the servers try too hard at being "cool." The I (heart) Beer t-shirts are a little hokey, too.

2009-09-09 14:40:53

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