No more Sagamore newspaper

Dateline: Mon 23 Nov 2009

As another sign that print media is one step away from the grave, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis quietly shut down its Sagamore newspaper this August.

The student newspaper, which served to train budding journalists and inform abotu campus issues, activities and personalities, was unable to attract student reporters as well as funds, said a spokesman in the school of journalism.

"We were not getting any students to work for the paper...and we had to compete with the Indianapolis Star for advertising dollars," said the journalism school's office manager Jenny Brown.

Now, the 250-280 students enrolled in J-school at the Indy campus contribute to the web site.

That's where the action is.

Thanks to the alert reader who notified me of the paper's demise. Another one bites the dust....





John Howared [unverified] said:

Packrat that I am, I had to dig out my copy of Vol 3 Issue 14, the 'Kiss My What? Special Brown-nosing Issue' and reminisce briefly over its 12 pages of memories. The cover showed a prospector-ish looking fellow lips-to-nose with his trusty, uhm, mule.

Yes the students were all snickering back then, wondering how that EVER got published.

I am snickering now, wondering why/how I've preserved it between some LIFE's and several News, Star and other newspapers for 36 years.

2009-11-23 18:36:15

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Me thinks the Sagamore was about as relevant as IUPUI having a j-school.

The new media action is over in Informatics, FWIW.

2009-11-23 20:40:04

Matthew Stone [unverified] said:

As an IUPUI student, I can say there's a good reason it went through trouble. It was a rag that basically ran whatever was on the AP/college wire, a few sports articles, and other fluff. Challenge IUPUI's administrators on anything? No way.

2009-11-23 22:24:11

hendy [Member] said:

New Media != journalism. (the '!=' is a Boolean algebra expression for not-equals).

That said, the Sagabore became irrelevant, and as Mr Stone mentions, not very interesting. The IDS down here in Bloomington does reasonably well.

IUPUI has a huge identity problem. It ought to become Indianapolis' largest *independent* state-funded university. I see naming rights auctions.... Lilly U?

This will never happen, however. If you thought government bureaucracy was bad, wait until you try and go up against the entrenchment of state-run universities.

2009-11-24 09:51:25

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

The Sagamore didn't "do" journalism (anymore than the Gannett-owned Star does). Matthew Stone is right: fluff. Not worth reading.

2009-11-24 09:56:42

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Speaking of educational "entrenchment," take a look at IPS administrator salaries recently posted on the Indiana Barrister website:

2009-11-24 13:30:22

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

My URL for the IPS administrators' salaries had a bit of a runover problem when I just posted it here. Just go to:

The article and IPS salary statistics opened when I typed in the home page address above.

2009-11-24 13:35:20

Jim [unverified] said:

As someone who worked for the Sag as a student there in the late 70s before starting a career in photojournalism, I find this a bit sad.

2009-11-24 19:06:14

Leslie Fuller Knox [unverified] said:

The Sagamore died from a lingering, bureaucratic infection...assimilation by the j school. I'm a former Sagamoran and a proud member of the facebook group, "I worked for the IUPUI Sagamore Before It Was Assimilated By the Borg." The paper was self-supporting for years, although accepting office space in Cavanaugh Hall put it on slippery ground. I took a look at the informatics website, and what I see currently is a collection of links, dominated by a story from Indy star sports. How would this present a "dynamic" alternative to a thin paper stuffed with wire copy? The kids fled because there wasn't a chance to write the news, tell the story, give a raw and vivid review. I'll check back in a bit for signs of life on the website...which btw sounds a bit...generic, safe, appointed by committee. But maybe someone will break out the mold and post a non-approved link or something ;) I feel sorry for all who missed out on the arguments, love, heartbreak, and passion put into a student newspaper that is truly a campus voice. Eliminating the paper, I believe, was ill-advised and premature. Time will tell.

2009-11-24 23:27:22

Gabriel Szoke [unverified] said:

I completely agree with Leslie. It's extremely discouraging to see some of the previous comments. People need to understand that the Sagamore had a proud tradition, and wasn't always a "rag". I lost track of it after I left, but as Leslie suggests, I'm sure it lost a lot of its integrity and "raison d'etre" the more the administration got involved. Having been part of a team that was able to prevent the J-school's direct interference, I shudder to think about what happened in subsequent years. As for the "new media", good reporting will always trump flashy presentation. (This coming from a designer/artist). Once the sparklers and shiny lights burn out, the facts still stand... not the flash-animated banner ads or the e-mail blasts. You either "got the story", ot you didn't. Let's hope people like Ms. Cynical and Matthew Stone can actually take the time to investigate something before they share their opinions. Or do they still encourage students to do research in J-school?

2009-11-25 07:10:00

youngwriter [Member] said:

I don't think I need to investigate any further than being at IUPUI's campus since the 2005 fall semester. Regardless of it's past, for at least the past 4 years it hasn't done anything close to real reporting. It was used to promote IUPUI's policies and events, and not much else. Even though there's no shortage of student (And some faculty) outrage on how IUPUI and Clarian handle parking, you wouldn't know that by reading the Sagamore.

There was a campus controversy back in my freshman year that I somehow got involved in, I spoke to a few of the activists involved, and was even interviewed by a reporter for a story. But that reporter was writing for the IDS, not the Sagamore. A reporter from another campus had to write about something the Sagamore barely touched.

2009-11-27 11:09:52

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