Peyton Manning divorce in the works?

Dateline: Tue 03 Nov 2009

This is apparently not a new rumor - check the internet -- but Colts quarterback Peyton Manning may have signed divorce papers Monday, according to someone who knows someone who knows someone etc. in the wonderful world of sports.

"It's been expected. He maintains his downtown condo, she lives in Tennessee most of the time," says the in-the-know source.

According to various credible sports blogs on the web, the divorce has been expected since the couple wed in 2001; that's how long the rumors have been floating. But this time -- is it real?

Reports of Peyton Manning's wife Ashley chasing after other sports figures are out there as well.

Any confirmations of trouble in Paradise?

And for those who ask why reporting on this is valid: everything is valid. Unsavorty, perhaps. But Manning is news, so let's hear a firm denial or a confirmation from the key players, and then we can all get back to our little lives and our hero-worship.


B2 [unverified] said:

So if I have this correct, you're quoting "credible sports blogs" (an oxymoron, by the way), an anonymous "in-the-know source" and further citing "rumors" and "reports."
Even if true, the key players owe neither confirmation or denial to anyone. It's their private business until they deem otherwise.

2009-11-03 11:40:28

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Divorce is usually complicated and very tragic. No less so with celebrities.

But if this is true, is does clear up some questions I have had for many years mostly having to do with why the Mannings seldom were seen together in public. In fact, I do not remember seeing her on TV at the Super Bowl or in the celebrations after the Colts won it.

I wish them both the best.

2009-11-03 11:51:19

hendy [Member] said:

Their private business. Sad if true. Next?

2009-11-03 13:34:18

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Their private business indeed. But here's a reality check: I don't know if he/they own a downtown condo, but they have owned a northside home for at least five years, and he's often seen grocery shopping on the same side of town...think Marsh/Kroger on W. 86th, for instance.

Re-think your sources. It is probably worth a blog post, but not mucuh more. He is an outstanding corporate citizen of our community. She is rarely seen. That may be their choice, or she may be moving on. Either way, if they're divorced or together, if only: most of our other local pro athletes were as civic-minded.

That said, I've never understood the children's hospital thing. It can't be entirely altruistic...St.V is ANYthing but altruistic. Sisters of Charity indeed...

Here's hoping Peyton and Mrs. M resolve any differences, if there are any...and if not, that their marriage can end quietly and respectfully.

2009-11-04 04:15:31

John M [unverified] said:

Very low rent post, Ruth. I have no idea whether the rumors are true, but as your source notes, the rumors have been in circulation for years. In the last couple of years, I have heard it exactly the way you heard it: papers already filed, will be filed imminently, and so on. I may be a lowly sports blogger, but I wouldn't dream of running with this story. At this point, as your Google search reveals, it's a well-worn urban legend, and it's beyond me why you would waste a shred of your credibility on it.

2009-11-04 07:52:27

ruthholl [Member] said:

OK, I will take my lumps on this one.
Mea culpea.
This may be no defense, and I have posted about this before, but the Star totally got scooped on the Jim Irsay/drugs story (Channel 13 broke it) even tho everyone in the newsroom "knew" Irsay had problems.
That, however, has more true news merit, I realize, than a pending divorce or lack thereof.
I accept your admonishments.

2009-11-04 09:20:01

p-squared [unverified] said:

I covered the Colts as recently as the 07 season and Ashley was a regular outside the post-game locker room waiting for her hubby. Also, The Star did a bowling for charity story just a few weeks ago and Ashley was there. These rumors have been around forever but as far as I can tell, they are just that.

2009-11-04 10:30:45

Whitebeard [unverified] said:


I don't at all see a need for a "mea culpea" for you in this.

You didn't say it was a sure thing - you clearly identified it as a "rumour." And you make a very valid point about the Irsay mess. We too often seem to find out about these local matters from national media first. Recent example: news that Knight would not come to IU to accept his honor.

As for the Mannings' privacy: I think when someone becomes a mega-celebrity (which Peyton certainly is if you watch any TV and see all of those commercials, etc.) then they realize that their lives are going to be an open book to the public. You get paid zillions and get adulation from millions of people and treated like a king. There is a price to be paid for that in loss of privacy. Always has been, always will be. It's the nature of the beast.

When Tony Dungy's son tragically died, I didn't hear anyone saying, "That should have been kept quiet because it was a private family matter."

2009-11-04 10:46:45

B2 [unverified] said:

Whitebeard, the only reason the Knight disclosure came from a national perspective is because Knight spoon-fed it to his personal lap-dog sycophant Dick Vitale.
And I would submit that disclosure of a death is quite different rumors of a divorce. Egad.

2009-11-04 12:06:02

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

"And I would submit that disclosure of a death is quite different rumors of a divorce. Egad."
B2. Obviously death is a tremendously more serious life event than divorce.

But ask anyone who has had a divorce: it's a MAJOR life event and if it is indeed happening in the Manning household it is going to draw much attention from the public on a national (and international) level.

Bottom line on the Knight question: local media had the Knight disclosure last. That is just one example. I could go on and on for many years back. Ruth cited the Irsay drug abuse case.

Local Indianapolis sports media tend to wear cheerleading outfits for the beloved pro sports teams.
Back in my newspaper/magazine sports writing days, that was derisively called "being a homer."

Seems to be a primary part of the job description in Indianapolis sports media now.


2009-11-04 15:31:21

John M [unverified] said:

I don't think anyone is suggesting that the media should bury the story if Peyton Manning or his wife actually files for divorce. The point here is that this "story" looks an awful lot like the unfounded rumors that have been going around for as long as the Mannings have been married. Whitebeard, your position seems to be that it's more important to be first than to be right. I disagree. Considering the attenuated nature of the rumor and its strong resemblance to the well-traveled urban legend, there is no reasonable basis for any reporter, columnist or blogger to conclude that it's true.

It seems that you want to have your cake and eat it, too. On one hand, you lament the "homer" nature of the media in Indianapolis. On the other hand, you complain that the Knight story was broken by national rather than local media. Perhaps you have forgotten, but the Star's columnists (Bill Benner, Robin Miller, Bob Kravitz) were all over Knight for his last few years. Knight's been gone for nearly a decade, and many of his allies in the media (Bob Hammel, Mark Patrick, Don Hein) are retired or doing other work. On one hand, you lament the supposed homer behavior of the local media. On the other hand, you seem to be complaining that no current member of the Indianapolis media has as compliant a relationship with Knight as does Dick Vitale. Finally, I would note that the bigger Knight-related story of recent weeks has been the disclosure of the booster-funded settlement of the last Knight-IU lawsuit, and that story was broken by the Bloomington H-T.

2009-11-04 15:59:10

jersey [Member] said:

I heard that Peyton was seen dining with the Watson's girl!!!
j/k. of course...

2009-11-04 17:26:18

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

John M,

Go back and read Ruth's post. The headline says: Peyton Manning divorce in the works? EMPHASIS ON QUESTION MARK.

So, it is not a matter of being first to be wrong. It is a matter of asking if something may actually be amiss.

"supposed homer behavior of the local media."


2009-11-04 21:31:58

Well Done [unverified] said:

I'm with John M. If you're going to blast other reporters or the local paper, you ought to be better than they are.

This rumor, heard from someone who heard it from someone, etc., is a great example of why some blogs suck so bad.

Any nut standing on the sidewalk can speculate about a public figure. To not want to lift yourself at least above that level is pretty sad.

Worse yet, you're accusing his wife of infidelity on the basis of reports "out there."

Well, those reports aren't the only thing "out there." I hope nobody ever trashes your reputation Ruth - or that if someone does write about you, that they at least try to get a fact or two in the story.

2009-11-04 22:15:16

Seneca [unverified] said:

Perhaps Mrs. Manning doesn't care about sports, as Mrs. Mitch doesn't care about politics.

So what? Who cares?

2009-11-05 08:04:04

Bob [unverified] said:

Boy there's some helpful advice - Maybe Mrs. Manning *doesn't care* that you accused her of infidelity.

You better hope she doesn't.

All it takes is for that woman to wake up in a cranky mood one day, lift a finger and point a lawyer in your direction.

Would you like to guess what it costs to defend your home and other assets from a claim like that? $10,000? Who knows - but I see a possible contribution to Manning Children's Hospital in your future.

But I wouldn't worry - like this guy says, maybe this prominent social figure doesn't *mind* being called an adulterer.

I case she does, though, you might want to ask Mr. Helpful there if he'd like to contribute to the Ruth Legal Defense Fund. You'll need it.

2009-11-05 09:06:58

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

This dialogue is getting really silly.

I'm Exit, Stage Left on this topic.

Ruth, you have done and continue to do an excellent job with this blog. I, for one, appreciate your GUTS and your passion for First Amendment freedom and freedom of the press (including blogs).

Keep on keepin' on, sister!

2009-11-05 12:37:15

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