Channel 6 gets more on DeLaney attack

Dateline: Sun 01 Nov 2009

This is from the Channel 6 WRTV website, involving a motive for the attack on Ed DeLaney, an attorney and an Indiana state legislator:

"Speculation (for a motive in the attack) has centered around an old court case from 1983 that involved (suspect Augustus) Mendenhall's father, Burke Mendenhall, who owned a building in the 4200 block of West 38th Street in which he intended to set up an adult bookstore.

"According to court records, the Marion County prosecutor at the time, Steven Goldsmith, directed the Indianapolis Police Department to 'lock, seal and secure" the bookstore on Mendenhall's property.There was a long, drawn out court battle that lasted six years. DeLaney's wife (Ann) was deputy prosecutor at the time."

Some of you will recall that Goldsmith, as prosecutor, played hardball and was a frequent target of death threats.

Although we certainly do not know all the details yet, is it possible that the attack on Ed DeLaney is leftover business from the 1980s? And was it Ed DeLaney who worked on the Mendenhall property case, or his wife Ann?

More questions than answers at this point.

Also note: this info corrects what was previously reported -- that Mendenhall's father owned and ran a porno store. This is apparently untrue.

"Anonymous" commented on the previous entry that Mendenhall's father simply owned the property.

Again, more questions than answers....




Tell The Truth [Member] said:

"Goldsmith, as prosecutor, played hardball."

Moreso than Brizzi, which is saying a lot--Goldsmith never met a TV camera he hated. He wasn't a consistent civil libertarian by any stretch of the imagination, either. The adult bookstore case was awash with appeal fodder. It cost the county hundreds of thousands to defend those actions.

If they'd stuck to the zoning side of things, he might have had success.

If this attack is leftover 80s business, it's yet another indictment of our society's lack of proper focus on mental health issues.

Here's hoping Ed didn't have all his good common sense knocked out of him. He replaced a lion for liberty, Rep. Orentlicher. He's done a great job in his first term.

We need more Eds. Godspeed, Ed Delaney.

2009-11-02 07:30:20

Pete [unverified] said:

For what it's worth, the attacker's family has set up a website to collect for a defense fund. I'm not sure what possible defense they are going to put forward on this. Unless they want to pay the lawyer to get this moron a plea bargain or confinement in a mental institution.

2009-11-05 15:02:59

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