Re-naming the wheel

Dateline: Tue 05 May 2009

First Gannett launched INTake at the Indianapolis Star -- the hip version of features, with a lot of young staffers who were so dedicated some actually slept on the office floor, to keep up with the pace.

Then INTake, which had a pretty strong identity and branding, morphed into This was a less intense version but with a stronger web presence (although it was still available on the street.)

Now comes Metromix Indianapolis, the latest version of features to emerge from the Gannett empire in Indy. I have no idea where to get it besides online. It seems very thin on content and heavy on what-to-do/where-to-go, party pix and all that slop.

What's next? No doubt, the Star will become USA Today.

Here's the link to Metromix, for the curious.


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