8,862 newspaper jobs gone so far in '09

Dateline: Tue 05 May 2009

Don't let your children grow up to be newspaper people.

Reader and friend Tom Henderson sent a link to a cool web site, Paper Cuts, in which journalist/graphic designer Erica Smith keeps count of jobs lost in the newspaper industry --- that is all jobs, from carrier to publisher.

So far this year, she calculates, 8,862 jobs have been eliminated. There's an interesting side article on the site about wire editors and feature editors being obsolete.

Also, editor Keith Manring at the Star is leaving. He plans to enter the University of Indianapolis' fast-track teaching program and pick up a master's degree.

Keith is another high-caliber person who brought a lot to the table, including a Marine Corps background and ethic. Best to him and others looking for work.

Here's a link about the Paper Cuts site (with an interesting map, notes Tom):



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