Cheap cheap cheap (and stale)

Dateline: Mon 04 May 2009

Blog reader Dan K. Foreman sent the following email:

"I enjoy your rants against Gannett and the Indy Star. Now I have my own. By 8 a.m., my paper had not arrived so I called to inform the Star and get a redelivery.

"They informed me that their new policy is that redelivery for missed customers or wet papers would only be done on Sundays. They said my missed paper would arrive with my Sunday paper.

"I said no, thank you , I dont want stale news.........I took a credit on my account......who would want Tuesday or Wednesday's paper delivered on Sunday with your Sunday may already have know this but I find it insulting and is leading me more to canceling my subscription."

Once again, Gannett knows how to make money, especially in Indianapolis, where brand loyalty and conservative reading habits have enabled the company. But eventually, this cheapening will tell out. No matter how many jobs, etc., are cut.

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