Matt Tully is depressed

Dateline: Fri 01 May 2009

The Star's political columnist Matt Tully says it sucks pond scum to be a Hoosier these days. The reason? Our throwback Legislature, which is as paralyzed as a possum at high noon on the track during race day.

Tully enumerates the many failings of this legislative session, then observes: "Still, anger wasn't the feeling of the day Thursday. (when the General Assembly once again failed Indiana for its dearth of work -- no budget, no streamlined government, etc.)

"It was closer to depression -- at least for anyone who would like to see this state guided by a legislature that isn't a roadblock to innovation or progress."

There you have it. The tradition begun by the late Harrison Ullmann, editor and columnist at NUVO, the alternative newsweekly, has been passed down to Tully, the daily guy. Ullmann used to refer to our Statehouse as the worst legislature in the country. Tully is now calling the same shots.

And he is depressed.

But in Indiana, depression makes sense. Indiana received a D in providing mental health services from the state's National Alliance on Mental Illness. We really are all depressed.


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