Eye on Indianapolis gets it right, too

Dateline: Sun 29 Mar 2009

Thanks to Ms. Cynical for pointing out the blog commentary on Eye on Indianapolis, which writes today about media, the Pacers and the shortfalls in today's reporting in The Star's Behind Closed Doors. The headline is "Throw the bums out". Here's some of what this blog has to say:

"So, the Indianapolis Star justifies the million-dollar-jaunt of some five dozen Indy movers and shakers to Cancun as the guests of the Pacers with a whitewash in today's "Behind Closed Doors" column?

"They paid sponsorship money to the Pacers, so they get to party?

"What about the shortfall between what the team owes the city? Don't the sponsors have a responsibility to uphold the contractual obligations of the Pacers?

"Or is it like Nero fiddling while Rome burns....

"This Indianapolis Observer is appalled. If the fans don't buy enough tickets to support the Pacers (or the Colts, for that matter), perhaps their time in the spotlight is over."

Amen to all that.

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