The $90,000 a year pool

Dateline: Tue 24 Mar 2009

Gannett has announced more furloughs, and to its credit, the Star carried the story in its business section today.

The gist is: more financial loss, so furloughs are extended into another quarter -- one week without pay for most employees.

However -- and here is where we can have a little fun, a rare thing these days in newspapers -- employees earning $90,000 or more a year will have to take two weeks off without pay. Plus there's a year-long salary freeze, natch.

A question for the times: who at the Star earns the big bucks? My money (about five cents) is on executive editor Dennis Ryerson and of course sports honcho columnist Bob Kravitz. Any other names?

At any rate, it will be a mercy to not have to read Dennis' Drivel for two weeks.

Let the furloughs begin! And anyone who wants to speculate on other top earnings, fire away....


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