Pacers at the trough

Dateline: Tue 24 Mar 2009

A friend/reader reports that the Pacers may not be in as bad a shape as all the belly-aching indicates -- at least not based on their spending. Interesting that the Indianapolis Star also benefits from this favoritism.

Note to Pacers: this is the kind of activity that enrages taxpayers: crying poor mouth, then making nice with your richie friends. It's no way to treat a citizen.

So here's the story:

"'Your Indiana Pacers' are pleading for monetary breaks from the city of

Indianapolis, wanting to rewrite their contract for use of Conseco

Fieldhouse. They contend it costs too much to maintain the facility.

"Why then did the Pacers just return from entertaining more than 60

people with a five-day excursion to an exclusive resort in Cancun,

Mexico? The team's guests, along with their spouses, were corporate

sponsors -- Indianapolis businesses that have supported the team

financially over the years.

"Included were guests from Finish Line, WISH-TV, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis Star, etc.The trip serves as a thank you with the hope that the sponsorships continue.

"The group was flown to Cancun, wined and dined at le Blanc Hotel and

Spa, an oceanside resort that is all inclusive -- all the food and drink

one can possibly consume at one hefty price. How exclusive? Each room sported its own hot tub. And no little airline liquor bottles in those

rooms. Full liters -- at no extra charge. The trip included side

excursions for every one in attendance.

"And to add icing to the trip, the women were given expensive jewelry and the men fancy sport watches. Special arrangements were made to watch the two West Coast Pacer games that were played during the trip.

"Of course, some guests took advantage of the Pacers generosity. The Star was issued four invitations. John Cherba, the paper's director of display (retail) advertising, and his wife took advantage of the free trip to invite personal friends along. Wouldn't want to share the spoils with just anybody now would you?"


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