Northside News: another casualty of old print media?

Dateline: Sat 21 Mar 2009

Anyone who loves to read and lives on or close to Indianapolis' Northside knows all about Northside News -- a small, cozy shop at 54th and College where you could purchase newspapers and magazines from all over the nation and even the globe. To illustrate the owners dedication to print and reading, they also sold used novels and non-fiction on a shelf in the back -- $1.00 per book.

Alas, no more.

A quick stop there this afternoon found the news component of the business shut down, with magazine racks shoved against the wall. The cash register, however, was chinging away in the still-thriving part of the business, the Northside News Cafe, home of the Cuban sandwich.

What happened?

"Two (news/magazine) distributors went out of business," explained the young man minding the grill end of the store. "And you know, with the Internet, there's not much left for print."

Does this mean Indianapolis is down to only one newsstand -- the one Downtown on Delaware? How sad. But how telling that what was once a steady business -- Indy had several Downtown newsstands in its hey day -- is now dying on the vine.

More bad news for print. Ubiquitous, but still disturbing.


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