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Dateline: Tue 17 Mar 2009

The Cottage Home Neighborhood, tucked away east of College and south of 10th Street on the Near Eastside, has always been a favorite place. The small homes, many built by German/Irish craftsman newly arrived in Indianapolis before the turn of the century, are charming, homey and distinct. Plus the area has a good vibe, with its mix of blue collar and professional residents.

So it's not surprising that Dana and Kelly Bradbury, who already own a home in Cottage Home, decided to build there -- a distinctly modern soaring structure (three stories) with plenty of room to grow for themselves and daughter Eliza. Their tall yellow house, still under construction, is at 1126 E. 9th Street.

"Ours is the first to be built since Cottage Home became a historic district in the fall of '07," said Dana in an email. Before that, he said, two other homes were built in the area -- one about 15 years ago and the other about 4 years ago.

Bradbury, a computer guy, and Kelly, a stay-at-home mom, are doing the work themselves with a little help from friends. Bradbury's dad, Terry Bradbury, is an architect, which can't hurt. Dana Bradbury is also no stranger to Downtown: he is a graduate of Arsenal Tech High School, just east of Cottage Home, and he grew up in the Lockerbie area.

Kelly and Dana are recording their progress with lots of pictures and blog entries, so we can all share in their adventure and celebrate an Eastside success story at many levels.

Here is the link to the blog, Our Next House:


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