Gannett's proposed pay cut makes IBJ

Dateline: Sat 14 Mar 2009

The Indianapolis Business Journal's Scott Olson wrote a story, published Friday, about Gannett's efforts to cut employee pay at the Indianapolis Star by 15 percent.

Here is an excerpt:

"A cut in pay would be the second concession Star employees have had to accept just this year.

"The union voted overwhelmingly in January to accept a one-week furlough for each of its members in hopes of avoiding further layoffs.

"Gannett officials had told Star employees that they would be required to take one week off without pay during the first quarter of this year as a cost-saving measure. Guild members were told if they did not agree to take the furlough, layoffs would begin immediately.

"The furlough program follows two recent rounds of layoffs at the Star, including one involving 62 employees in December."

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