Why the Star can't strike, legally

Dateline: Thu 12 Mar 2009

This insight is from a former Star reporter/editor and also a Guild leader:

"Unless something's changed, the reason they (Guild members) won't strike is that pre-Gannett, we agreed to a no strike/no lockout clause. I didn't like it, but I went along -- mainly because, knowing the membership and knowing the company, I figured a lockout was a hell of a lot more likely than a strike.

"Under Gannett, I think that is more true than ever."

The other side of the coin is that the Indianapolis Star remains, far as we can tell, a star in the Gannett stable -- bringing in plenty of money for the company, compared to other Gannett papers.

Yet management is determined to break the back of the union, destroy morale and turn its workers into little more than wage slaves.

By these actions, the Gannett management team shows it has not a shred of integrity.

But we knew that....


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