Newspaers in the bag (together)

Dateline: Thu 12 Mar 2009

A friend/reader wonders:

"don't know what it means for sure but for the last week and a half my usa today paper has come inside the same plastic bag as my indpls star.

"do we laud gannett for reducing the number of landfill-clogging plastic

bags, even tho it meant another human -- the usa today delivery person -- is out of a job? Rah-rah gannett for reducing the environmental damage by half?

"A hint that the rumor maybe has legs that someday everyone will get a usa today delivered to their door with a four page insert with local or state news?

"is this companywide or just a weird slice of an experiment being tried in indy?"

The really scary part is in the second graph: can you imagine, a USA Today instead of a Star, with local news inserts?

But anecdotal evidence continues to mount that the Star is a quite healthy "product" in the Gannett chain. More to come on this.

Also, if anyone can shed light on the delivery bag mystery, have at it...


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