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Dateline: Thu 05 Mar 2009

It is 7:19 a.m., and the Indianapolis Star has not arrived. It's not on my sidewalk, nor on the walks of the neighbors (where it lies neglected all day, all the more shocking since it is wrapped in day-glo orange as if to say URGENT!!! PICK ME UP...but they do not).

A quick call to the 444-4000 main line Gannett number provides a recorded explanation, of sorts: "Due to press problems, your paper will be delivered extremely late today."

Hmm. That's a first. So much for the millions-of-dollars German printing press Gannett bought when it came to town. Even more odd is that this news is not reported on the paper's website, where, surely, loyal readers with computer access will be first to look.

Again: the paper is schizophrenic. Can't live with the Internet, can't live without it. Bottom line, perhaps the old model is so old that it will never adapt to the web, under present will take a new generation to resurrect daily news and figure out how to get people to pay for it.

In the meantime, several copies of slightly dated but always readable copies of the still thick New York Times are waiting...(Note: the Times is wrapped in a dignified blue plastic bag, with instructions on where to recylcle said bag.)

(p.s., if any insiders can explain the press problem, shoot me an email or comment. Thanks...and thanks for reading this blog)


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