Cuts at Emmis

Dateline: Thu 05 Mar 2009

The axe continues to fall on media and media-related concerns. Here is a statement from Emmis Company, which owns/runs radio and magazines around the nation:

"Facing the ongoing challenges of a struggling media sector and turbulent economy, earlier today Emmis took a series of steps to better position it for shifting global and industry realities.

"Those steps included a workforce reduction of 7.5 percent, which included the elimination of 91 full-time and 14 part-time positions across its

Corporate, Radio and Publishing Divisions. Notified employees received generous severance packages and other support."

Jon Quick, longtime WIBC-FM director of operations (news and programming) was among those let go, as well as radio personality/funny guy Dave "The King" Wilson, who has quite a following. (Thanks to Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana for confirming Wilson's firing, which was mentioned on Terri and Joe's WIBC show Friday morning)

Also on the hit list: former InTake editor from the Star Sherri Pfouts, a senior editor at Indianapolis Monthly magazine until yesterday, and Michael Rubino, associate editor of the Indianapolis Monthly magazine.

More names, anyone?


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