Dateline: Mon 02 Mar 2009

Former Star reporter Joe Gelarden, now living in Maine, shares this news:

"The grapevine of ex-Star folks passed on the news that former Star

Photo Editor and all around good guy, Paul "Bix" Smith has died.

"Back in the 60's Bix scored a national scoop when he found the 'kneeling girl' in the famed photo from the Kent State shootings hanging around the Talbott Street scene. (Note: a reader points out that the Kent State shootings took place in May 1970, so Bix's scoop would have been in the 1970s).

"The FBI and the cops were trying to find her after she became the face

of the shootings when her image graced the covers of most major newspapers (remember newspapers?) and news magazines.

"In true newspaper tradition, Bix interviewed her, found out she was not a commie terrorist, but a 14-year-old runaway from Florida who was fleeing an abusive parent.

"We got the story, then turned her over to the authorities for her own

safety - after all, she was just 14.

RIP Bix"


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