Story of attack makes New York Daily News

Dateline: Mon 29 Jun 2009

Here's the story that is running today in the New York Daily News, about the beating of cousin Joe Holladay in New York City during Gay Pride weekend:

Visitor from Boston victim of attack, slurs during Gay Pride weekend

By Edgar Sandoval and Oren Yaniv

A man visiting a friend on the upper East Side was robbed and pistol-whipped during Gay Pride weekend by a group of hoodlums yelling anti-gay slurs, the victim and cops said Sunday.

Joseph Holladay, 36, said he was set upon by at least three men on E. 85th St. about 4 a.m. Saturday.

"Out of nowhere, I'm being attacked," he said from his bed at New York Presbyterian-Hospital Weill Cornell, a nasty gush visible on his forehead.

One of the robbers called out, "What are you looking at?" and used an anti-gay epithet, the Boston man added.


Terrell [Member] said:

I'm sorry for your cousin's attack and injuries. Nobody deserves that.

2009-06-29 15:03:35

StarStruck [unverified] said:

Dispicable!!! Hope they catch these morons.

2009-06-29 17:29:44

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