The Star: peddling soft porn

Dateline: Sat 27 Jun 2009

The Indianapolis Star's Metromix web site is a bad boy (or girl). And like all bad boys, and girls, it grows tiresome quickly.

From a financial perspective, Metromix is Gannett's really ridiculous effort to draw hip, young readers online.

In psychological terms, Metromix is the Star's Id (as in Ego, Alter Ego, and that pesky, noisy Id -- always acting out, testing, testing, testing).  And in that, Metromix has nothing to do with real news or news-gathering.

Here is the official definition of Metromix:

  • "your one-stop local entertainment guide on where to go and what to do in Indianapolis, from the hottest restaurants and bars, to the latest in events, music, movies, style, and TV."

Life is a cabaret. But where oh where is the soft porn disclosure?

Check out the photo below, sent by a reader, from today's Metromix.

This reader is struck by the newspaper's inconsistency -- and hypocrisy. The Star apparently saw fit to censor the photo-shop illustration of John Dillinger's penis (which was also ridiculous) in Metromix this past week. But then it parades this image of a young woman's butt and more hanging out. Since this image runs under the heading of "Charity Bikini Wash at Brad's Brass Flamingo," it must be OK, right? Ah, but there's not a single word about what charity was helped, etc. Could it be just a poor excuse to run butt-cheek photos of friendly neighborhood strippers?

The Star should at least have the decency to properly label its package -- "Metromix peddles soft porn. Thanks for slavering over Metromix."


girl washing car


news junkie [Member] said:

I picked up Metromix last week for the first time, read its purpose...hottest bars, entertainment..and what, no NEWS! Not its purpose...but butt cheeks photos and dating opportunities abound.

2009-06-28 05:55:50

jersey [Member] said:

The paper has become a rudderless ship, IMHO.
I did enjoy today's Dillenger stories though.

2009-06-28 09:00:40

ruthholl [Member] said:

I liked the Dillinger stuff, too. Reading about the conflicts with various family members, the still-strong emotions in northern indiana -- that was good stuff.
FYI the New York Times has a front page arts section story about the film. The angle is more about the director and the fascination with that era -- the tough, well-dressed guys, Dillinger's love life, Purvis -- anyhow, it too was good.

2009-06-28 10:09:04

Zoe [unverified] said:

Been following you for several months now (as I have relocated back from elsewhere) and very much like to follow local blogs anywhere I am to keep a pulse. Occasionally, you actually write about things that seem important/interesting. I know your whole shtick is Indy Star bashing, and I dig it, but you have a nasty case of square-peg-round-hole syndrome. Just because you have chosen this niche to occupy, I recommend you do not abandon logic simply to stay within your brand objective.

And then you post the pic you equate to soft porn on your blog that is “news” focused but lambaste them for pushing it on their non-news site? Think this stuff through a little better, Ruth. Don’t write just to write, it’s a disease we must eradicate as we prep to evolve into web 3.0 or whatever some geek (and I am one) finds clever on any given day. Write when it matters. One love.

2009-06-29 13:49:55

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