Where's the Dillinger penis pix?

Dateline: Thu 25 Jun 2009

After two days of promoting its various John Dillinger stories, the Star's Gannett-driven Metromix seems to have taken down its sensational penis-in-a-jar photo.

The Star has reached new levels of silliness with the exploitation of the Indiana bank robber, but the penis pix had buzz. Negative buzz, sure, but buzz is buzz.

Obviously the newspaper thought so, too, since it ran in-house ads several days this week complete with meaty material on the penis. The myth-busting re: Dillinger and his thang is still up-and-running, but where, oh where, has the penis pix gone, the one so artfully arranged by talented photographer Michelle Pemberton?

Could the Star's Metromix finally be guilty of taste? Doubtful, since that section seems designed to reel in younger readers, under the belief that the generation is stupid and callow.

I for one do not believe youth are biting; I've heard that bar-hoppers and party people sometimes hide their faces to avoid the Star's photogs when they crash a scene.

Anyhow, where oh where is penis pix?


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Ruthie I laughed so hard I nearly lost my loftover chicken leg dinner. (Yum)

Penises in jars are just, well, funny.

Newspapers being stupid enough to publish them Well, that's oddly hysterical. Given their survival is in serious question. They resort to this?

I demand equal treatment. I wanna see some petrified boobs in a jar.

It's only right.

2009-06-25 19:34:49

ruthholl [Member] said:

No kidding. I'm with you.
I looked in vain for the pee pee in a jar in this morning's Go! section. I was strangely disappointed to find it MIA. Anybody check the Metromix yet?
The rule used to be: people trust newspapers to not offend them. They "invite us into their homes," so we had better have good manners.
Guess there are new rules for web pages, however. Pandering: it does not work.

2009-06-26 09:30:12

hendy [unverified] said:

Have you no decency? We're trying to mourn Michael Jackson's death. I'm pretty sure he was a male at the time of death, but I'm not sure. Maybe his was in a jar, too.

2009-06-26 10:22:35

grrrreat! [unverified] said:

* I read the John D piece which was actually quite interesting. Sounds ya'll are just penis pic chasing. Try reading, you perverts. :-)
* The Metromix targeting "stupid and callow"? I'm not going to learn Quantum Physics in that mag, that's 4 sure, but I don't think that's the purpose. It's an Entertainment rag or that's what they claim. Ruth, are u too old to relate?
* U old newspaper people beware: U don't pick news anymore. MJ IS the top story.

2009-06-26 14:04:21

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I guess grrrreat told you, Ruthie. Go twitter that!

Lord save us from sanctimonious youngsters preaching about media relativity. I'm not 60 yet and I've seen newspapers go from lead type to typewriter/scanners, to computers, offset printing, the whole nine yards. Name me a 35/40-year period in American journalism history where the transition was so quick from one mode to the next.

MJ may be the top story, but for all generations, he's a Hoosier footnote, which reads: tremendously talented and even more mixed-up. MacCauley Caulkin weeps.

So do I, for a minute...amid some great Motown hits that make most of today's hip-hop or rap sound like claptrap.

Not all of it. Just most of it.

"Ben the two of us need look no more, we've both found what we've been looking for"....a beautiful song about a rat.

That shoulda tipped us off that Michael had gone off the deep end. That, and marrying Lisa Marie.


2009-06-26 16:59:18

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

"MJ IS the top story."

Oh dear God! The dumbificaion of America continues. Aided and abetted by the idiots who Twitter without regard for spelling, punctuation or grammar.

2009-06-28 17:22:10

Amy Bartner [unverified] said:

The penis photo (which was a very small part of our Dillinger package) has remained in the same spot online that we originally posted it on Wednesday. It's a thumbnail on a Web-only poll, and it hasn't moved since then.

But yes, the credit certainly does go to the talented Michelle Pemberton.

2009-06-29 14:04:31

grrrreat! [unverified] said:

According to Websters, “News” is:

1 a: a report of recent events b: previously unknown information <I've got news for you> c: something having a specified influence or effect <the rain was good news for lawns and gardens — Garrison Keillor> <the virus was bad news>2 a: material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast b: matter that is newsworthy

Tom, I know you feel as though you should get to determine what is “newsworthy” but if the business of news gathering does not place paramount importance on what the world desires, what is your reason for existing? MJ was the biggest story in the world, not just for your dumbed-down version of America. In many cases, the desire for real time data has trumped the desire for that well written four-page exposé or beautifully shot, news broadcast. When a plane crashes in the Hudson and some guy films it on his cell phone, uploads it to Twitter and pushes it live before any news agency knows what is happening, we want it. Afterwards, give me your four-pager with all the follow-up info. People are not dumber because they expect more, faster, and possibly via new syntax in formats that didn’t exist last year (let alone when you were in journalism school). Please, try to evolve. We understand your cantankerous behavior, change is hard, but we need you old folks to help mold the new paradigm.

2009-06-29 14:17:52

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