4 magazines gone

Dateline: Mon 22 Jun 2009

Thanks to Hurryin' Hoosier, who gave us the names of the four magazines cut by Gannett in Indianapolis:

Carmel, Fishers/Geist, Hendricks County and Noblesville.

How many people laid off? I've heard one; if anybody knows numbers or names, send me an email or post a comment.

Of course, the way Gannett was working those mags, much of the material being produced was recycled either into the newspaper or came from the newspaper, as I recall.  a Carmel friend said she'd read a story in the Starer that had been in the magazine a month or so earlier. This was all features material, which is the one department Gannett has decided it can totally live without.

Once again, memo to Gannett: readers are wise to your tricks, and you are losing the respect of your subscribers. But as long as  you make money at the top, you don't care, do you?


jersey [Member] said:

The 6 page sports section seems to have morphed into "Basketball Digest". Have they dumped everyone except for Kravitz and Hutchens? Please, more stories about IU basketball recruits.

2009-06-22 17:54:40

ruthholl [Member] said:

This is indeed a sad commentary on Gannett's running of the Star, since sports sections are the proven draw for many readers. If they don't deliver on sports, they really are missing their mark.

2009-06-22 21:23:43

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