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Dateline: Fri 19 Jun 2009

I never realized I harbored a secret desire to write a Talk of the Town column, ala The Indianapolis Star, until last night.

Here goes nothing:

Guy and I were guests at the Barnes and Thornberg table for the Latino Scholarship Dinner honoring very deserving Latino young men and women at the Westin Hotel Thursday evening. We will probably never be invited back.

Our hosts -- Wayne Kreuscher and Walfredo Freitas -- were "glitzy" -- (former T of the T Star columnst Donna Mullinix' fave and much over-used word) in their suits; Guy was not. Actually, Walfredo was "glitzier" than Wayne, but then Wayne is a law firm partner, and Walfredo produces documentaries and blogs -- he is No. 1 blogger in Brazil, where he writes about Bill Clinton having sex in Argentina, etc. Yes, Walfredo has deep Republican sympathies.

Guy was rather drab. That fits. Unlike the rest of us at our table (I think) Guy voted for John McCain. And he told Marine jokes whenever he got the chance, which was not often. Walfredo voted for Obama, but he already is despondent. Israel, Iran, etc.: all that heavy stuff.

Dance Kaileidescope rocked the Grand Ballroom with Latino numbers, but the food was strictly paste, altho the wine was fine. (Guy bitched about the red, but what does he know? We buy from Aldi's)

For all the hoopla, this was a rather heavy-duty event: we're talking about educating Latinos at colleges in Indiana, awarding scholarships, nothing less than the Whole American Dream Fulfillment Thingie. Rafael Sanchez of WTRV Chanel 6 was our MC, and he not only danced various Latin numbers, but he reminded us how short he is (5' 4"). Cute. He is really cute!

Given that this is not all party-party-party, we listened in rapt silence (except Guy and Walfredo kept yakking) to tributes from Mayor Greg Ballard -- who sent a rep -- Gov. Mitch Daniels (also a rep) and we all watched a nice video from Sen. Richard Lugar, which drew some standing applause.

(IMPORTANT POLITICAL NOTE: At the night's end, I commented to Lewis and Kappes attorney Steve Tuchman -- an old friend, also glitzy, whom I think Guy and I owe money to -- that Sen. Evan Bayh had NOTHING to say  re: this event -- a fact pointed out by the astute Walfredo.

(Tuchman quipped, "What else is new?").

Ho ho. Ho ho ho.

We all had a good chuckle over that. Bayh is toast, and Walfredo is hopeful that his friend Mayor Bloomberg of NYC might take him on for the Senate seat. As in, move to Indiana, etc. Now THAT would be a glitzy hoot.

We drank a lot of wine and talked, between courses and numbers, about whom the Marion County Dems might mount for mayor, given that Mayor Ballard seems to have a major MAJOR MAJOR image problem -- as in, seriously. Mike O'Connor? Jackie Nytes? Ah, but the smart money was on the glitzy Melina Kennedy, who was there. I was unable to see what hair color she had chosen for the evening.

The honorable Senior Sergio Aguilera and his wife Lori Efoymson-Aguilera were among the splendid attendees. There were so many, and they were all so glitzy, it's  not possible to name them all. But I liked them all.

The fashionable and stunning Mrs. E-A, in black, and much taller than Rafael, wore an alluring white FAKE fur collar draped around her lovely shoulder, bought by Walfredo from moi booth at Midland Arts & Antiques Mall and presented to her as a gift. It cost $4, so it really was not glitzy, but it fit with the pro-life, pro-animal agenda Walfredo supports, to which she is also sympathetic. Moi, too.

Amen to that, and to the Catholic priests and nuns in Brazil who schooled Walfredo. Let's hear it for the church. "I never had a priest or sister who abused me," said Walfredo.

I also think Walfredo had the best meal -- strictly vegetarian. Really, the chicken was cardboard.

I was pleased to hear that all the animals at the Freitas-Kreuscher Near-Eastside hacienda are well: 3 dogs (4?); 9 cats; 2 guinea pigs and one robin. But the robin --- she --- is a bit of a mess, living in the bath and tearing up things, altho she does watch a lot of video and she listens to radio. "Birds like to be busy," explained Walfredo, who rescued her this spring and has been keeping her entertained since.

Guy feeds the ducks at our Butler-Tarkington home --- Henry and Henrietta ---  so we understand bird busyness and animal agendas. We are sympatico, to use that cute Latin phrase.

To get serious for a brief moment, the event was sponsored by USAFunds and Central Indiana Community Foundation. On the way home, I told Guy, "Never when we moved here in 1978 did I think this cow town, polyester city, could pull off an event such as this -- all these Latinos." Etc.

To quote Ghostbusters, I LOVE THIS TOWN.

Anyhow, Cathy Kightlinger, now the Talk of the Town columnist, and a cutie, eat your heart out.  I was there.

Thank you, Donna Mulllinix, and apologies and corrections will soon follow....




news junkie [Member] said:

Thanks for such a vivid, fun take on an evening we should all be proud of. What fun...or a hoot, as you would say.

2009-06-19 06:39:53

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

The Bayh reference was funny, but he will be re-elected net year by an overwhelming margin. Love the recap of the evening, and hate to rain on your parade, but the Lugar reference drew me out:

Lugar fell off my political landscape five years ago. When, as chair of the prestigious Foreign Relations Committee, he had access to all the intelligence and info the Prez/Cheney had. And Lugar remained silent on a war which he knew was stupid. He refused to use his massive influnece to adjust the White House's testosterone-driven agenda.

Thousands have since died. Hundreds of billions spent. I refuse to believe that Lugar could not have altered this dramatic tale. At the time, he had oodles more worldwide crediblity in his little finger than Bush had in his entire body.

Yet he remained silent.

I will never forgive him.

2009-06-19 08:00:55

hendy [Member] said:


Bayh is vulnerable. Does little to nothing. Republican in Demo clothes. Along with Lugar, duped along the Bush agenda.

Lugar? He should retire and write his memos; I'm sure there are enough stories to make it a best seller. Then the seat ought to go to someone that vote for Hoosiers.

Term limits, anyone?

And Ruth-- you are the talk of the town. I hope the wine was good enough not to be bothering you today.

2009-06-19 08:15:43

ruthholl [Member] said:

Fine on the wine, thank you, hendy.
I should point out: I believe the only ones who stood after Sen. Lugar's video was delivered were at our table.

2009-06-19 08:44:40

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Walfredo is an affable fellow, and a delightful conversationalist, but his take on American politics, while interesting, is naive.

Lugar could write memoirs, but I suspect they'd be about as successful asn his presidential run.

Hendy--wanna bet on Bayh? He'll bump 60%. Not saying I agree with that, but he remains, in all reasonable polls, Indiana's most-popular politician. A name can evidently do a lot for you.

Watch how Lugar votes on Satomayor. If he eschews his party line, i'll regain some respect. But I'm not holding my breath.

It sounds like the event was delightful, Ruthie. You had a great time, I can tell. I'm jealous. Good wine, good matters not where that occurs, it's too rare in our rapid world, and it should be treasured.

2009-06-19 13:53:21

Hurryin' Hoosier [unverified] said:

"Anyhow, Cathy Kightlinger, now the Talk of the Town columnist, and a cutie, eat your heart out. I was there."

She couldn't make it Thursday evening. At that same time Thursday, the Kightlinger family and friends were gathered at a Marion funeral home. Her father died Tuesday.

2009-06-20 23:06:16

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