"Somebody threw away a perfectly good lawyer"

Dateline: Fri 19 Jun 2009

 Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana has picked up on strange but oddly hilarious story, from the Louisville Courier Journal: seems the attorney for the Jeffersonville's city council went out on the town in Louisville, got himself plastered and crawled into a friendly trash can to sleep it off, in front of his home in J-ville.

Some enterprising individual -- probably one of the police officers called to the scene -- took a photo on his cell phone, showing the legs and torso of attorney Larry Wilder, out to lunch (or garbage). You can see the pix on Welsh's blog.

Best part? The first comment on the blog: "Dang, somebody threw away a perfectly good lawyer."

Check it out:



whosear [Member] said:

Sort of a sad story, don't you think? But a little public or private humiliation when someone loses control of his drinking can be useful. Too bad we get carried away.

And think of his greatest unintended contribution....all the new lawyer jokes.

2009-06-27 10:49:59

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