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Dateline: Fri 19 Jun 2009

The word is out that Gannett has shut down all its magazine publications in the Indianapolis market -- that includes Carmel, Geist/Fishers and ???

Also, one person was laid-off.

Far worse, the rumor grows stronger every day that Gannett plans to lay off 4,500 people by July 8. Gannettblog's Jim Hopkins has been all over this; the stock continues to dip, and the company will shed more weight (in terms of reporters and other employees, not top management).

Get out while you can. Cook, pick up garbage, deliver the Yellow Pages, write a novel in your spare time.


Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Any chance that Matthew Tully could be replaced as a "weakly" political columnist in all of this?

He once again served as a mouthpiece for the "anti-teachers'-union/teacher bashing" element in his column today.

White only quotes one source in his commentary: the IPS superintendent?

Where are the comment(s) by teachers' union officials and/or teachers to respond to the charges leveled in
this tirade?

So, I guess we can do without teacher unions so that middle-age teachers will have to get two-three additional part-time jobs to pay the bills instead of one or two?

And one would think that with what the Star's guild is dealing with at the moment, Tully would think twice before bashing any workers' union.

2009-06-21 15:28:07

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Correction on previous post. Third graph should start with Tully instead of White.

2009-06-21 15:31:07

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