Miami Herald consorting with blogs

Dateline: Wed 17 Jun 2009

Dave Mastio, a seasoned newspaperman who founded a couple years back, sent an email this morning about a new partnership he's launched with the Miami Herald newspaper, owned by the McClatchy Company.

Sign of the times? Or simply an idea whose arrival is long overdue?

Shelly Acoca, an online editor at the Miami newspaper, said "..the idea was to build a network that would give users a quick look at what was happening in South Florida’s blogosphere and help to drive traffic to the dozens of blogs in the area, as well as building content for our website and developing a relationship with local bloggers."

Here's the link:

Mastio says BlogNetNews hopes to partner all over the country with TV stations, newspapers and radio markets in every "decent-sized city."

"I think the two way benefit is fairly obvious -- increased prominence, promotion and traffic for local blogs and a useful feature for local media," he says.

For more info, here's Dave's email address:

Let's get some more of "that noise" in newspapers.




hendy [Member] said:

I love it: consorting with blogs, like they were low-life of some type. New media is about contributions, like this blog.

Social not-working is for friends. News is news (read journalism). Rumors and innuendo, obfuscation, tweets about the tuna fish sandwich you had for lunch, are all just distractions. We sort, we filter.

And we contribute. The business models are becoming pretty clear.

2009-06-18 14:29:46

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