More Gannett layoffs?

Dateline: Wed 10 Jun 2009

Jim Hopkins at Gannettblog has reported a tip that more layoffs are coming for Gannett workers on July 8. He's asking for confirmation. Anyone know anything?

On a personal note, Jim is packing up his bloggage and moving on this fall, he says. Today, his tribute to Investigative Reporters and Editors (a group founded by reporters and editors at the Indianapolis Star) is a reminder of the incredible work done by this country's working press.

Says Jim: "I owe a huge debt to Investigative Reporters and Editors, the non-profit professional trade group where I first learned computer-assisted reporting. Without the training I got in 1994 at IRE's boot camp, I would have come to blogging much too late."

He did not, and there are not enough good words in English to say about the work he has done since taking a buyout from USA Today and starting his blog almost two years ago. He has kept the heat on Gannett HQ, and he's given voice to a lot of frustration.


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