The Star's gall

Dateline: Tue 28 Jul 2009

Did anyone else choke on coffee this morning, reading the story the Star chose to lead with on Page 1?

"More workers find jobless benefits are  a bust," is the headline. The angle is that, as increasing numbers of Hoosiers join the jobless ranks, the state's benefit funds are drying up. Indiana's unemployment, says Star reporter Amanda Hamon, is 10.7 percent.

The irony of this story is not lost on those of us who follow Gannett's manipulatons. The previous post here, from the New York Times regarding Gannett's decision to cut severance off for its fired mid-level managers and instead make states assume a burden of unemployment, shows the rampant calloousness of the company.

But that exec editor Dennis Ryerson and his various sycophants who call the shots on Page 1 stories should choose to highlight this travesty of job loss without calling attention to Gannett's own contributions to the state's jobless funds is beyond gall.

There is another aspect to consider as well.  Joblessness is not simply about a loss in income; it is a blow to one's sense of worth; it can damage relationships with family members and friends; it has a terrific human toll.

Once again, Gannett's unhealthy and manipulative abiltity to ignore the harm it causes is simply beyond belief.

No good can come to this company.




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