Scott Newman: grace under pressure

Dateline: Wed 22 Jul 2009


The decision by Indianapolis' public safety director Scott Newman to step down and pursue life is significant, in that Newman is the consummate public servant: princpled, beyond decent, dedicated and very very bright.

Newman, an attorney, is battling, as everyone knows, Parkinson's disease, and in that endeavor, too, he has been heroic. After he was diagnosed, he discovered that the sport of boxing improved his coordination and in general made him feel better. He has created a charity, Rock Steady Boxing, which promotes boxing, to which he will now devote more of his time -- while still serving as an unpaid advisor to Mayor Greg Ballard, as reported in this morning's Star by Vic Ryckaert.

Newman has worn a number of hats in this city. After serving as Marion County prosecutor, he stared  up a DNA lab, Strand Analytical Laboratories. I am told that lab is one of a handful in the nation credited with successfully/regularly tracking and catching criminals.

Newman also happens to be a nice guy. He also happens to be funny.

I am sure he can appreciate the irony in the fact that he told the crowd wishing him well at a press conference yesterday, "Don't bury me. I'm not dead yet," a comment that ended up on the Star's obit page.

Scott Newman, enjoy and thanks for always returning phone calls.




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Thanks for the portrayal of Mr Newman.

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