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Dateline: Wed 22 Jul 2009

Replacing Jim Hopkins' amazing Gannettblog, which folded of its own free will July 10, probably is not possible. Jim, a former investigative reporter for USA Today, always had the goods on Gannett HQ and created a virtual water cooler where all could gather, share tips and information and woe.

Fortunately, another website is chronicling the Monster -- it is, "a Web site highlighting news and other sites about Gannett."

That's a rather tame mission statement compared to what Jim was doing, but then, Jim started out with a much more modest voice than his sound and fury at the finish line.

Gannettoid is on this blog's blogroll, and I am sorry to note that yesterday Gannettoid reported that "the current round of layoffs is still ongoing," according to new Gannett spokeswoman Robin Pence.

Gannettoid wrote:

"Pence wrote Monday in an e-mail to that the 'vast majority' of the layoffs were done by July 9. But, Pence added, 'there are a few cases where the implementation may take longer due to some consolidations taking place at those locations.'"

Gannettoid is also reporting that "total newsroom division cuts so far" number 1,331.



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