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Dateline: Mon 20 Jul 2009

Mpozi Video Link (WARNING: this link will resize your screen)*

A friend sent an email a week or so ago from the Indianapolis Museum of Art web site, which contained a tribute to the late Mpozi Tolbert.

An artist, photographer, musician, DJ and culture hero, Mpozi died July 3, 2006, after being stricken at the Indianapolis Star. He was 33 years old.

This video, from, was done in 2008 by Star photogs Robert Scheer and Danese Kenon. It shows Mpozi's friends and  loved ones working on a mural at the Spin Nightclub in Broad Ripple -- formerly the Patio.

The mural actually went up last year, but solar-powered lighting was added this year to enhance it. The video includes an interview with Mpozi's mom Maisha Jackson of Philadelphia, Mpozi's hometown.

If you go on YouTube, you can see/hear more video celebrating the life of someone who lived a short time on earth, but made a big impression.

Or just head to Broad Ripple and check it out for  yourself. The Spin is at 6308 N. Guilford.

CORRECTION: MPOZI TOLBERT DIED in 2006, not 2003, as I first reported. (The post is now corrected). Thank you for pointing it out. This comes under the heading of stupid mistakes, as 2006 was when I retired -- on June 30 -- and a three days later, Mpozi was gone.

*EDIT (from blog admin): Linking to video instead of embeding it because of autoplay.  Autoplay sucks.  It sucks, I tells ya.  Way to go Gannett.  Only you could think an autoplaying flash video is a good idea.






StarStruck [Member] said:

I think Mpozi died in 2006 .........

2009-07-21 06:47:45

ruthholl [Member] said:

You are right, of course. I fixed it. Numbers dyslexia. Thank you, StarStruck.

2009-07-21 08:36:11

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