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Dateline: Sat 18 Jul 2009

 I was at a very nice yard sale this morning on 43rd Street, near Meridian Street, on the Northside. The family  was lovely: friendly, pleasant, and with good goods.

 Since I was relatively late by yard sale standards -- I arrived a little before 9 a.m., and the sale started at 8 a.m. -- I asked the gentleman/husband/father in charge if they'd had a rush early on.


 But most noticeable, he said, was the woman who showed up before 8 a.m.and stole all their cash -- the $30 they'd set aside to make change. The thief simply took the money off their change table when the lady/wife/mother of the house ran inside for a minute.

  "She was driving a baby-blue Jag convertible, too," said the man of the house.

   Good lord!

   "What did she look like?" I asked. "I'm going to more sales; maybe I'll spot her."

  She has grey hair, he explained.

   Last seen: Little old lady, scuttling down 43rd Street with 30 stolen clams in tow and whipping off in a jag, baby blue in color.

   If you spot her, email or write a comment. The trail is still hot.




Jersey [unverified] said:

Nothing surprises me anymore...and I don't like feeling that way. Keep up the good work, Ruth.
John C.

2009-07-18 22:14:00

Seneca [unverified] said:

Why was the money left on the table, ouside in the open?

2009-07-19 06:43:52

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Well pardon me all to hell if the yard-sale organizers aren't schooled in the art of hiding the money. Trusting souls abound, thankfully...we aren't all suspicious of everyone.

Jeez, Seneca, maybe I'll add you to my prayers this morning. Time for an attitude adjustment. Here, I'll orient you: there's a victim , and a thief. Victims hosted the sale. Thief took the money that wasn't hers. Got it?

There is an older woman of considerable means who drives around the far northside in a large late-model Caddy. She has large, died-black Imelda Marcos hair, always perfectly coifed, albeit frighteningly colored. She is rumored to be the widow of a high-placed Lilly executive.

At any rate, she routinely slips things into her purse at the grocery or other stores, and everyone knows it. Lately, she's been shopping with a younger man, obviously a caretaker. It's pretty clear she is losing her mind, slowly, and it's kinda sad.

I'm talking a pack of gum and a bubble-pak of bolts here and there. She's eccentric and stands out in any crowd. The northside kind of looks the other way. I'm not sure why, but it probably involves some compassion.

But this Jag lady deserves jail. By the by, Ruthie, Jags don't carry the same cache they used to. They're everywhere.

And their 8-10 cylinder power plants will whip through that 30 clams pretty quickly.

Armed guards at garage sales? Sigh.

2009-07-19 07:33:03

ruthholl [Member] said:

A policeman was posted at one home that was on the Meridian-Kessler home tour this year. At that same home, everyone had to leave their purses outside.
Perhaps that homeowner had contact with Mrs. Imelda or the Jag Lady.
A possible explanation for this bizarre behavior? Maybe it's just all those who came of age in the 1960s, and are now starting to lose it, reverting to their roots: Steal this book and all that. Nobody owns anything etc.
Or as one friend said, maybe it's just thrill-seeking!

2009-07-19 13:55:07

news junkie [Member] said:

I would not go into a home that demanded I leave my purse outdoors. And, in my opinion, the Meridian Kessler Home and Garden tour was misnamed. Homes, but no real gardens. If you're that worried about your property, don't put your home on a tour.

Same advice given to Goldsmith or was it Goldsmyth, who had to hide his address and voting registration out of fear all the criminals (Resnover) he put in prison would come after him. This was when Guilliani was the prosecutor in New York City and putting mobsters in prison (Gotti). Don't run for public office, either, unless you are willing to say where you live.

2009-07-19 18:07:37

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Sure it was a Jag? The only recent ragtops they make are the sports XKs and they are v. pricey. The older XJS converts are few and far between and a baby blue one should be easily identified by the local Jaguar owners club or British Sports Car Owners Club.
Calling Tom Wood Jaguar might get the owners name if she has it serviced there.

2009-07-19 19:42:59

ruthholl [Member] said:

Hmmm. I am pretty sure that is what the homeowner said. I may see him again, and I can verify.
That is good information. Good sleuthing.
Thank you Tom Greenacres.

2009-07-19 20:02:38

hendy [unverified] said:

I owned a baby blue jag.... it's in Michigan last I heard. I've been a member of the local Jag club, and can't remember another one of the same color (pre-1988) in Central Indiana.

It might be a later model. Those are Fords, or worse, Tatas. There are any number of other possibilities. Not to defend Jags or their owners; just can't recall one and I'd have remembered one in the M-K area.

2009-07-19 22:13:23

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

You're right Hendy, the newer Thunderbird convertibles are hot, but they're not Jags. And that baby-blue color is popular for the newer Thunderbirds.

I saw a red convertible yesterday on Hoover Road, by the JCC. Obviously in the midst of being restored. They are beautiful.

Getaway cars come in all makes. On the northside, we're more concerned today about two young women murdered in their car behind the Speedway at 86th/Ditch. Tragic.

2009-07-20 04:47:52

hendy [unverified] said:

Hmmm. Hadn't heard about the murders. Of course, the RSS feeds for the Star were dead yesterday as they changed over to a new content management system (CMS) online. Now you get cute IN YOUR FACE ads on the home page.

Down here in Bloomington, we're not bereft of crime, and soon I'm told the onslaught of an additional 25,000 temporary residents will change the mellowness a bit. Oh boy. Can't wait.

2009-07-20 07:26:23

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