The rap sheet on Juli Metzger

Dateline: Thu 16 Jul 2009

Everyone knows the features department at the Star is in for a rough ride. But that's nothing new;  Gannett effectively dismantled features as readers knew and loved it. They've turned it into a sound-bite charticle in the Gannett tradition of "news you can use." God forbid they should commit an act of journalism in that department.

Anyhow, today's announcement from exec editor of the Indiananpolis Star Dennis Ryerson that Juli Metzger would be taking over online and heading features is another blast of cold air. She is taking the place of two fired managers: Jackie Thomas, who headed features and did not have the respect of her colleagues, and Bob Jonason, online editor, known and liked for his even temperment and skill.

Metzger  is a Gannett careerist whose reputation followed her on Gannettblog. When it was reported there in October 2008 that Metzger would be publisher for two Indiana Gannett papers -- in Richmond and Muncie -- the following comments were made:

"Good luck, suckers. The last paper she was part-time publisher at ended up getting gutted then sold."


"Wasn't she at the Marion paper, and didn't Gannett turn that one over to the foundation before it was sold?" (the answer is yes).

Then, there's a wonderful blog written by former Gannett sports writer Paul Oberjuerge, who last December published a telling piece, right before the layoffs, "How Gannett Newspapers Got Into This Fix." Oberjuerge worked for the San Bernadino Sun and Gannett (1976 to 1999), More of that post will be included here in the near future, but for now, here's a comment that was made on Paul's blog:

"My friend worked for Gannett for almost 20 years. She worked in recruitment advertsing, bringing revenue in the amounts of $70,000-$100,000 per month. Brought in a CIRCULATION DIRECTOR to TRY and run advertising - ruined the newspaper - Gannett sold them and we still have ONE friend working there. All the rest are gone. Now we laugh about her working there - it is the joke of the community - Hopefully Julie Metzger in Muncie will lose her job. She played a part in bringing down the CT."

Now, she gets to play a part in bringing down the Indianapolis Star.




starmanz1228 [Member] said:

Good luck, my friends. You have the talent to deal with this.

2009-07-17 00:10:10

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