Gannett still making money

Dateline: Wed 15 Jul 2009

A friend sent this information, courtesy of Yahoo! today:

    Gannett recorded income of $70 million, or 30 cents per share in the second quarter. Excluding special items, the chain posted adjusted earnings of 46 cents per share, topping the average Wall Street forecast of 36 cents per share.

It's the same old story: Gannett knows how to pile up the moolah, which is its only reason to be in business. Goodness knows, it's not about newspapers.

As my friend says, it is "shameless" how the company rapes its people.


hendy [Member] said:

They may have made US$70M, but they have some fat bills coming due soon. On the surface, all is nice to stockholders (oh lord, keep the price from totally tanking) but we still have to reduce headcount.

People are headcount now. They don't have lives, or contributions to the bottom line--- they're 'headcount'.

Does quality count? There's a monopoly in the Indpls market. Does this mean that values are poised towards their community?

No. They're bollocks. They're compromised. But that's what you're left with. Nothing to cheer about; nothing to serve as the free and open voice of the populace. Collective head shaking may proceed.

Or people can get off their duff and do what they do best.

2009-07-15 10:55:40

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