Jim Hopkins

Dateline: Mon 13 Jul 2009

I've said my farewells to the founder of Gannettblog in emails sent over the past couple weeks, but it's time to go public.

Jim Hopkins, a former investigative business reporter and employee of USA Today, has served as an information anchor for thousands of Gannett workers around the globe with his Gannettblog. As most of you know, he "retired" to have a life. But his hammering of Gannett corporate and his forecasts of layoffs, etc., plus his network of sources and his graphics showing stock prices, etc., made his blog a must read for the newspaper industry.

The funny thing is, Jim started off rather shy (really) when he launched his blog almost two years ago -- in September of 2007. I recall a tentative email he sent, one blogger to another, letting me know of his project and his plans. Over time, his voice became stronger, louder and more confident. He went public with his identity fairly early on, and once he did that, he never looked back.

I am certain he gave the Gannett brass -- Craig Dubow and Tara Connell and Al Neuharth and many many others -- plenty of sleepless nights. For this, and for all his work and courage, we will always be grateful to him.

Blue skies ahead, Jim.

An afterthought: Gannettoid has been bookmarked and added to this blog's roll call whree Gannettblog formerly was. May a million anti-Gannett blogs bloom....to unmask the monster in the light of day and show it for what it is.


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