No severance for exempt employees

Dateline: Fri 10 Jul 2009

A Guild member says ugly the rumor floating around is true: those let go by the Indianapolis Star yesterday who were in management are getting no severance pay from Gannett.

Here is what the Guild person says:

 "An exempt employee just confirmed that they are getting no severance. Gannett has set up a trust and requires them to take unemployment.

  "Gannett will make up the difference between unemployment and their salary for an amount of time based on years of service."

   What a dirty, rotten company.

   As a friend said earlier, it does not pay to be in management in Gannett. You can work yourself almost to death for these bosses, and the reward will be to toss you out without a thought or a cent.






mindyc05 [Member] said:

God I hate that f8cking company.

2009-07-10 14:32:01

VladtheImpaler [unverified] said:

Anybody up for a road trip to HQ? Bring your baseball bats and lead pipes.

2009-07-10 16:41:29

EdwardZ [unverified] said:

If it's true that people like John Hawn who have faithfully served the Indianapolis Star for more than 30 years have been let go without severence, that elevates this situation to something far beyond a "these are hard times requiring hard decisions to be made" situation. Perhaps those who still have Star subscriptions should cancel them in protest over this treatment of the paper's employees and we should enmass launch a letter writing campaighn to major Star advertisers indicating we will boycott their products and services if they continue advertising in the Star.

2009-07-10 16:59:33

Paul K. Ogden [unverified] said:

"Gannett will make up the difference between unemployment and their salary for an amount of time based on years of service."

I highly doubt that they can do that legally. The "difference" Gannett is paying is going to be considered income, income that's probably going to disqualify you from getting unemployment in the first place. I really don't think an employer can use
unemployment to subsidize their plans to pay a severence.

2009-07-10 18:55:07

IndyGirl [unverified] said:

When I read Ruth's post, my heart sank into my shoes. What a disgusting way to treat the hard-working, dedicated people whose jobs were just taken away.

Paul, that it a very interesting point. I'm extremely curious as to how they will "work around" the system, or if they even can. Income and/or severance are both disqualifiers for SUI in most states.

2009-07-10 20:03:18

Paul K. Ogden [unverified] said:

IndyGirl, actually you stated it better than I did. Severence is considered income. It's probably going to disqualify you from receiving unemployment, unless the severence is a very small amount.

2009-07-12 14:35:04

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