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Dateline: Thu 09 Jul 2009

"Earlier Thursday night:
Three exempt employees
Jackie Thomas, AME/Features
Allen Greenberg, Assistant Metro Editor/State Government
Channon Seifert, Features Art Director

Ricky Carr, building services
Vanessa Baugh, building services
unidentified building services employee
Rasheed Fazle, online

This morning:
Demaree, Rosalyn V  -- editor in the Fishers-based north office
Reichanadter, Jeri -- photographer, picture desk, Fishers
Cooper, Melinda -- calendar desk, Fishers

Eggert, Donna -- West bureau paraprofessional"


Melinda Cooper [unverified] said:

I made Ruth's blog! It's like being a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. Oh well. At least I made some good friends, met some nice people and don't have to worry about being laid off anymore! And most importantly - THANK GOD I'm OUT OF CORPORATE AMERICA!

2009-07-09 14:45:22

IndyRez [unverified] said:

First -- thank you for keeping us posted Ruth. It's not easy as a former person (who left on her own a few years ago) to figure it out without you and a couple Facebook friends posting updates...

Second -- they still haven't updated the staff page: Any bets on when they will?? (Was trying to find out about a couple former coworkers to see if they're still there and they must have been in an earlier round).)

2009-07-09 15:17:30

mindyc05 [Member] said:

IndyRez - my guess is they let go the person in charge of doing the staff list. I can go through and just tell you who was cut and who's left!

2009-07-09 16:07:16

Kathy Day [unverified] said:

I don't know how many other people know this. But Steve Berta called Donna Eggert ON THE PHONE to tell her she was laid off. And would she come down to the main office for her severance package. Apparently things took a little too long at the north bureau and they just didn't have the time to drive out west to tell her in person.

2009-07-09 19:14:35

etaoinshrdlu [unverified] said:

Any relation to longtime staff icon Bill Eggert? Remember when late Gene Pulliam always kept a place for most vulnerable next of kin of any staffer? Anybody checking to see if dirt disburbed by his rolling in his grave?

2009-07-10 10:19:52

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