Brendan O'Shaugnessy: the exodus continues

Dateline: Thu 09 Jul 2009

So many young talented journalists who have left the Indianapolis Star over the past 5-10 years have forecast: they did not expect to find a future on newspapers.

So it goes with one of the very best, Brendan O'Shaughnessy, a young reporter and family man, who will leave at the end of July to go to work for his alma mater Notre Dame University in South Bend.

Brendan left a job teaching at Catholic school to go enter the more plausible newspaper business, where he hoped he could make a difference, and have some fun, too. He did, but he also discovered that it is increasingly difficult to support a family with the kind of pay cuts being inflicted on Gannett employees.

His work has been brilliant and insightful and deep; he did investigative stories of the first order, unraveling complicated issues that the city faces and laying them out in a way readers appreciated and came to expect and respect. In particular, in his lengthy Sunday story more a couple years ago on the problems with the Central Library construction, he took apart a complex issue and laid it out, lawsuit after lawsuit, charge after countercharge. Likewise, his stories on the Capital Improvement Board and various other aspects of financiing city government have been appreciated and sorely needed. I am sure you all have other recollections...

Brendan will work in the communications end of Notre Dame at South Bend. In an email today, he said he had informed his bosses of his plans. "So you are now welcome to add my name to the growing list of the latest mass exodus."

Again, on a day of so many losses, yet another painful hit, and all the more indicative because of his relative youth and talent.



AnotherFmrReporter [unverified] said:

It is a shame to see the way Gannett is killing the Star. To bad someone can't afford to start a real newspaper in Indy.

2009-07-09 17:56:46

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I have met this fine, intelligent, young American Irishman (I'm Irish ancestory) and his gain is The Star's loss.

He is the kind of young many every old timer like me would be proud to have as a son.

So sad to hear of all of the excellent folks listed as losing their jobs.

God bless them and help them during this difficult time in their lives and in their families' lives.

And Brendan, I know you will have a bright future and we won't forgot you.

2009-07-09 18:48:13

indykjsharp [Member] said:

This is truly sad. BOS is a kind individual and was one of the best reporters they had left. Good for him for bailing out before he too gets the ax.

2009-07-10 07:22:45

ruth hayes [unverified] said:

Guess he asked too many hard questions, stirred too many sacred pots, and so it goes in Lake County on the White River.

2009-07-10 15:19:01

Angela Mapes Turner [unverified] said:

I had the pleasure of spending a semester my senior year of college working with Brendan at the Statehouse bureau of the Times of Northwest Indiana. One of the best, brightest, and most fun people you'll ever meet. Good luck, Brendan!

2009-07-14 12:41:04

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