Another dozen down today?

Dateline: Thu 09 Jul 2009

This is somewhat repetitive, but here are (some) added names/titles of those who got hit yesterday, with thanks to the sender:

"The fallen, day one:

"Earlier Thursday night:
Three exempt employees without official confirmation
Jackie Thomas, AME/Features
Allen Greenberg, Assistant Metro Editor/State Government
Channon Seifert, Features Art Director

"One Guild-represented employee confirmed by in-person conversation:
Rasheed Fazle, online, hired at the Star 9/23/97.

"We lost at least 3 folks from building services who work at the Pulliam Production Center, names not confirmed, and at least two of those were represented by the Guild

"It looks like, without official confirmation, that another dozen cuts will occur today, a mix of union and nonunion newsies.

"Another sad day to come."

Exempt employees are management; they are not represented/covered by the Guild union.

This is all so cruel....


sean patrick rodriguea [unverified] said:

My friends in the business are all sweating. I know that things are tough all over and cuts are being made and those left behind are being asked to do more for no increase in pay, or a decrease in pay.

2009-07-09 11:02:20

Doug [unverified] said:

Talk about a cruel twist, here's part of a story in the AJR a couple of months ago in which Allen Greenberg talked about why the Star had not cut its statehouse reporters:

Some newspapers located in state capitals seek to make a franchise of statehouse reporting. In Indiana, the Indianapolis Star maintained its two positions.

"State government is an important area, and we put a premium on providing good, sophisticated coverage of where taxpayers' dollars are being spent," says Allen Greenberg, who covers state government for the Star.

2009-07-09 13:48:58

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