Layoffs have begun at the Star

Dateline: Wed 08 Jul 2009

 Among those being let go are Statehouse editor Allen Greenberg, features editor Jackie Thomas and graphic designer/former head of graphics Channon Seifert.

   In other changes, prolific features writer Konrad Marshall will count as a layoff since he's already announced his plan to return to his native Australia; by the same token, photographer Heather Charles is leaving for a Chicago job, and she too is counted as being laid off.

  Two pressmen have lost their jobs at the printing press.

  And finally, the three staff members who produced the Carmel/Geist/Fishers/Hendricks magazines -- already laid off -- are counted in this bloody numbers game.

   More to get the axe tomorrow, sad to say.

   In all sincerity, those who have been laid off are better off without Gannett. These people at Gannett corporate really do not want to produce newspapers; maybe they should open brothels instead.

    We wish each and everyone who has lost a job a new tomorrow.





John Howard [unverified] said:

I truly hope they layoff the person who dictates their use of push-down, flyover and page-curl advertisements on the website.

Other than that, I hate to see any of them lose their jobs.

2009-07-08 20:00:00

ruthholl [Member] said:

I'm extremely un-fond of that lousy ad that is places over the Sunday comics.
And I agree with you on those page-curl ads; talk about a distraction.
However, as popular wisdom goes, newspapers do not have a problem with readership but with revenue. So if they can generate money to pay salaries etc., more power to 'em.
Sadly, that is not happening...

2009-07-08 20:17:17

StarStruck [unverified] said:

Jackie Thomas should have lost her job YEARS ago. She was getting rid of good people way before Gannett started layoffs and had racked up dozens of complaints to HR for behavior and management style (so I hear). To everyone else, I wish you well.

2009-07-09 02:37:10

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

See, this becomes a catty sounding board for individuals' opinions about certain staff.

Who knows the method by which the Star's management calculated which jobs would be targeted?

2009-07-09 06:35:38

fyrecracker [unverified] said:

I used to work for one of those editors (not going to say which), and while I don't want anyone to lose their job like this, I'll say that maybe, in a small way, the newsroom will be better off.

2009-07-09 11:20:00

mindyc05 [Member] said:

Hey I was in charge of the page-curl ad LOL JK. I really wasn't. And can I just be one to second? third? 100th? the vote for the certain editor that wasn't very nice to anyone. May that person realize that that isn't always the way to get things done...

2009-07-09 14:50:20

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