Betsy Light is ailing

Dateline: Sun 18 Jan 2009

This was sent by a former reporter and a blog reader:

"Dear friends of Betsy Light:

As you may or may not be aware, former Star arts reporter Betsy Light has had several health challenges in the last couple of years. Last June she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread into the lymph nodes, which required further surgery. She is unable to undergo traditional chemo and radiation, and is now under the care of a naturopathic oncologist in Phoenix, AZ. She now is working with both conventional physicians and surgeons supported by integrative medical specialists.

Recently she tested positive for a genetic mutation for cancer with a high rate of re-occurrence. In the coming weeks, she is facing a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. She feels that she is getting good medical care at this time.

Betsy has told me that the expenses of ongoing cancer treatment are becoming overwhelming and her family is not helping her. She asked that I send out a message to her former Star colleagues and friends to tell them about a fundraising effortset up to help with her expenses.

If you'd like to help Betsy, she would be very grateful. A tax-deductible check can be made out to her nonprofit organization, The Susan Betsy Light Charitable Fund.Send them to:

Legacy Banks

25 Main St.

Lenox, MA 01240

Thanks for any help you can give, and if you'd like to get in touch with Betsy, email me and I'll pass the word.

Rita Rose"

Light's writing was always lyrical. In addition to her extensive dance coverage -- Light herself is a gifted dancer -- her film reviews were unusually thoughtful and insightful. She also wrote one of the better profiles ever to appear in the Star, a look at then first lady of Indianapolis Margaret Goldsmith, wife of former Mayor Steve Goldsmith.

Also, I know one former reporter who worries that Star workers have had a high rate of cancer incidence. If anybody wants to weigh in on this, please fire away.

Our best to Betsy!


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