"Least of all the chain gang..."

Dateline: Wed 14 Jan 2009

I asked a friend and a former Star reporter for thoughts on the future of the Star and really, newspapers in general. What was said is worth quoting, because it so succinctly cuts to the chase (This is anonymous, to protect the innocent):

"It seems like an unbreakable cycle ... less content drives away readers; advertisers are looking elsewhere; fewer advertisers and readers bring more cutbacks on reporters/editors, which in turns means even less content. No one, certainly not the chain gang, wants to invest in content to drive readership.

"No one is willing to break the cycle.

"Meanwhile, they're giving content away free on the internet.

"And you know as well as I that they're inflating the hell out of circulation figures.

"I now read the paper on weekdays in about 20 minutes ... maybe 30 on Sunday. But I can't imagine a morning without ink-print on my fingers. Old school."


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