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Dateline: Wed 14 Jan 2009

If you don't have the Indianapolis Guild's newsletter bookmarked, now is the time to do it. The site has up-to-date news about the furloughs as well as current info about very tricky contract negotiations.

Here's what seems most significant, in terms of what the company is proposing, according to the Guild's website:

"Gannett...proposes that managers would have the right to assign journalists to news and info projects of any type that would include (besides print, online, TV and radio) custom publications, which is a code word for advertorial."

This is the beginning of the end of all that is sacred, breaching the traditional wall between advertising and the newsroom and, in effect, turning journalists into whores (and poorly paid ones at that).

Here's another Gannett new wave: producing copy at the national rather than the local level, under the banner of an initiative called ContentOne, which Jim Hopkins at Gannettblog has covered. If local news coverage diminishes and/or disappears, replaced by a national desk/perspective and centrally located reporters, can advertorial content produced by reporters be far behind? Of course not.

See "How ContentOne Threatens Local Editorial Control" on Gannett blog.

And bookmark this link to the Star Guild's coverage, if you have not already:


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