Thrift story irony

Dateline: Mon 12 Jan 2009

Thrift stores should be making a roaring comeback in this economy. Alas, aside from the ubiquitous Goodwills (more power to 'em), the quality thrift shops have gone with the wind. That's all of two: one run by the Junior League, which closed back in '06, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art's shop that the IMA Guild oversaw under very competent leadership until last year.

Still, there is one treasure standing: Thrifty Threads, run by the National Council of (Mostly) Jewish Women, as my friend Caron Goldstein said. Proceeds benefit the Julian Center for victims of domestic violence.

Finally, to my funny story. I was at Thrifty Threads at 86th and Ditch Saturday and, among my finds was a $3 Coach billfold. When I opened it at home, it contained a forlorn fortune from a Chinese cookie: "This will be a prosperous year for you."

Yeah, right.


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