Kudos to Konrad

Dateline: Fri 09 Jan 2009

Most readers of this blog are passionate about newspapers and want to see those working in the industry succeed. Some of us are especially protective towards the young people who've committed to the daily grind.

With that in mind, here's a thought from former Star visual arts reporter Skip Berry, who has been airing his concerns about features coverage on this blog:

"In my most recent comments about the demise of the Stars features department, I referred to Jay Harvey as 'the sole go-to guy for practically all cultural subjects under the sun.'

"In doing so, I overlooked the fact that Konrad Marshall has been doing a great job of covering visual arts stories-- the few that Star still runs. If ever they would resurrect the visual arts beat, Konrad would be a great choice-- he's a really good reporter and writer. So, I meant no disrespect when I failed to acknowledge his contributions."

Konrad is good, and so are many others in indy.com, features, etc. Best wishes in 2009 to all you working stiffs. Keep the faith, because the mission really is bigger than Gannett....


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