Give me pie...give EVERYBODY pie

Dateline: Fri 09 Jan 2009

At a time when the state is mired in the worst depression since the Big One, along comes State Sen. Allen Paul, a Richmond Republican, with a modest proposal, as reported by Tim Evans in this morning's Star:

Make sugar cream pie the state pie of Indiana! Hoo-rah!

The senator is not just eating dessert without a fork here. Richmond is home to Wick's Pies, where sugar cream pie is produced, besides the fact that it is made in thousands of Hoosier kitchens, including yours truly.

The fat-body pie is a state favorite, practically unique to Indiana, argues Paul. So get in line with Vermont, which adopted apple as its state pie in 1999, and Florida, key lime in 2006. Of course there was no Depression then...legislators probably had time to twiddle their thumbs and dream of pie....

Never mind that the Indiana Senate is supposedly the place of decorum, according to political columnist Matt Tully. They want pie, let them eat pie. ("Give me pie...give EVERYBODY pie!" is taken from Joseph Heller's wonderful novel "Catch-22," in which an old gnarly one-eyed general enters the Army mess hall and announces, after a small delay, "Give me eat. Give EVERYBODY eat!")

The only red flag: we really do need a new law to change the state drink from water to Mountain Dew.

That's what true Hoosiers use to wash down their sugar cream pie.


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