A new wrinkle: Gannett may charge for prayer

Dateline: Fri 09 Jan 2009

So much for the demise of the prayer in the Indianapolis Star.

While the prayer on page A2 was indeed vanquished as part of Gannett's new cost-saving, downsizing measures, the word is getting around that petitions to the almighty may have a new lease on life -- be resurrected, so to speak.

Remember indulgences, that great Medieval concept invented by the Catholic church? Gannnett is playing pope under the new scenario.

In other words, to pray, you pay. Churches -- and presumably synagogues, mosques and wiccan temples of worship -- could "sponsor" a prayer, for a fee. The methodology is similar to what drives the obits and the celebration of life notices (engagements, weddings anniversaries). You, too, can have a prayer printed in the Indianapolis Star -- for a price.

Whether or not this idea flies remains to be seen; it's in the talking (revenue-figuring) stages.

One thing to pray for, whether off or on the record: Please God protect the newspaper from Gannett.



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