The church of newspaper

Dateline: Thu 08 Jan 2009

Here's a comment from a former Star staffer who could not resist:

"For five years - or however long (Indianapolis Star executive editor Dennis) Ryerson has been here - the Star was a church. Now that they've gotten rid of the prayer, it's a newspaper.

"And yet, somehow, 'Where the Spirit of the Lord is ...' remains on P1. And that's different from the prayer in what way?

"My God, between that and 'Extra,' it's just been a sickening week."

So what the hell is the difference between the neutered and now banished prayer and the Corinthians quote, in prime real estate yet? Is Ryerson afraid of inciting the ghost of Old Man Pulliam by killing off the New Testament verse? Can he and publisher Michael Kane take only so much reader grief at once?

What's up with that?????


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